Ben Massi: 'Better With You' dedicates Thanksgiving episode in memory

A news by 4usnews:While showrunners and actors tend to get the majority of the glory of a successful show, it's important to remember that great TV wouldn't happen without the below-the-line talent that goes largely unnoticed.

The stars and showrunners themselves, however, never forget those who make their success possible. The "Better With You" team dedicated their Thanksgiving episode to Ben Massi, a Warner Bros. employee who, sadly, passed away on Nov. 10.

Massi, born in Burbank May 29, 1963, was 47 years old and was known as "Guy" to many. Still in Burbank at the time of his passing, he was a longtime loyal employee of Warner Bros. He worked in the paint department - a family business - and contributed to many of our favorite films and television shows.

In the spirit of celebrating Massi's life and fun-loving spirit, his surviving family - including his mother, sisters, and nieces - has requested that no suits be worn at his December 3 memorial. "In remembrance of Ben, Hawaiian shirts are preferred attire at the service," reads the obituary.

We thank Ben for his hard work to keep us entertained through his 30 years at Warner Bros...

Garretts Popcorn

A News By 4usnews:Garretts Popcorn:Today, Oprah Winfrey shared the rest of her Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010 list on the Oprah Winfrey show. One item that stuck out to me was Garrett’s Popcorn.

Popcorn is truly a comfort food and Popcorn Garrett offers us some flavors that bring a smile to my face ….

Is not it funny how some products are part of our life from childhood? Popcorn is one of them and make a wonderful Christmas gift. You can choose from all the usual way of Macadamia and among you is the Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn.

I’ve never heard of Garrett popcorn, but it is a legendary Chicago and snacks from time to Chicago, I hope that Oprah would know of the best popcorn, and that would make the perfect gift.

Which of your favorite flavors of popcorn, or you would prefer just butter?

For all things Oprah’s favorite things, that the two posts Kitchen / Cooking themed gift ideas….......

AP News CM Rosaiah "BSY stays in K'taka"

A news by 4usnews:While announcing about his decision, Rosaiah on Nov 24 stated, "I served the party (Congress) like a soldier. Rosaiah also informed that Congress high command would announce his successor in the state by the evening on Nov 24.

According the party source, the expected Rosaiah successors are Kiran Kumar Reddy, the Assembly Speaker and Jaipal Reddy.

Rosaiah faced strong protest from within the party as the son of former CM (YSR) of the state and Congress MP Jagan Mohan Reddy with his supporter showed consistent resistant against Rosaiah.

The protest touched the heights when Jagan owned TV channel Sakshi on Nov 19 broadcasted programme, which had objectionable remarks against Congress President Sonia Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh.

Rosaiah on Tuesday night
Rosaiah has convened an emergency meeting of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) in Hyderabad this evening to discuss party affairs but suddenly announced his resignation. Suspense continued on the agenda of the emergency Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting called in Andhra Pradesh this evening against the backdrop of the airing of criticism of party chief Sonia Gandhi by a TV channel owned by dissident MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.....

Michael Brea Suspected of Decapitating Mother with a Samurai Sword

A news by 4usnews:This is as bizarre and as heinous a story as we could possibly imagine.

Michael Brea, a small-time actor who once appeared on Ugly Betty, has been taken into custody for allegedly chopping off the head of his mother with a samurai sword.

Michael Brea Picture

According to police reports, cops arrived to an "extremely bloody" scene at Brea's Brooklyn home around 2:20 this morning and found the actor holding a bible. They had to subdue him via taser.

A neighbor recounted events, as he/she heard them, to WPIX 11: "I hear [Brea] chasing [his mother] through the house and he's just saying a bunch of [Bible] passages like, 'Repent, Repent, Repent.' I heard him chasing her through the house and I heard a loud scream and so I have my father call the cops."

The victim was found with her head sliced off. At the moment, Brea is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and then will be handed over to the NYPD.

Manager: Oksana Grigorieva is a Two Faced, Button-Pushing Opportunist

A News By 4usnews:A man Mel Gibson hired to manage Oksana Grigorieva's singing career says she's basically a back-stabbing liar who was constantly "pushing Mel's buttons."

Michael Lustig submitted a declaration for Mel in his child custody case, claiming that despite Gibson's efforts, Oksana never showed an ounce of gratitude.

Sort of the sentiment we heard on the Mel Gibson tapes.In the document, Lustig states, "In my experience, Ms. Grigorieva's disposition is generally anxious, depressed and uneasy. She constantly 'digs' at Mr. Gibson."

It's not surprising that he adds how she "pushes his buttons."

Lustig says Oksana Grigorieva was a "dark" person when she argued with Mel, noting he often heard her yell at him with "sharp, pointed and nasty" words.

Yeah. Amazing to think that someone could actually make Mel Gibson look like something of a sympathetic victim in all of this, but Oksana is doing her best.....

John Travolta, Kelly Preston Welcome Baby Son!

A News By 4usnews:John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are now the proud parents to son Benjamin, who was born Tuesday in a Florida hospital, weighing 8 lbs., 3 oz.

"John, Kelly and their daughter Ella Bleu are ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family," the family said in a statement.....

"Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully."The 48-year-old Preston told People that the entire family was in major preparation mode for their new addition as her pregnancy neared its end.

"I've been cleaning out everything in the house," Kelly said in September. "Ella has been helping too. She's looking forward to being a big sister."

Their daughter, Ella, is 10. The couple's son Jett suffered a fatal seizure at age 16 in January 2009. We congratulate them on Benjamin's birth .....

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